Workshop for individuals - I LOVE MYSELF"

For me only The program is created to satisfy your individual needs on your personal journey of healing and connectedness with your true self.



During a Workshop you will learn and practise about true health and healing from a very basic point of view-simple food, simple exercise and simply caring about yourself.

You will be totally supported and guided through a powerful system of healing that combines hands on techniques, with body based practises and personal processes that will promote physical health, high sense perception, mental and emotional balance and help you connect with your unique life purpose.

Mediation practises, “Gong Bath” Vibrational Sound Therapy, Yoga, Massages, Colonics and healing through Nature will be introduced and explored during the time of the Workshop to generate wellbeing, self awareness and help you to create sustainable transformation towards a more fulfilled meaningful life and allow a deeper connection to the aliveness that is inherent in all of us.

Well-being only comes from within you and that’s why the internal cleansing process of mind and body could become the gateway to increase the awareness in the body at the level of being- infinite healing potential in every cell in your body, infinite creativity, pure consciousness, happiness in every cell of your body to regain awareness of WHOLNESS.

For me only


You’ll be the only one participant at the Workshop and the programme will be created especially for you. The date about the Workshop is flexible between Mon-Sat and need to be defined at least one month in advance.

Sending you Love and Light my dear seeker

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